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The Sea Wolf

$10 000.00
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Forged by Trevor Barrett of Barrett Knives.

Custom Forged Damascus Go-mai Sword, made here in Haines, Alaska. As seen in the Last Blade Standing Bladesmithing Competition.

Forged from 120 Layers 15n20 and 1095, this the blade is a twist Damascus jacket with a high carbon core of 1095 and an additional jacket of 15n20. The handle is crafted from some materials that are unique to Alaska (listed below) and the guard is a mild steel with a bronze brushing. This sword is a true Heirloom, and 100% unique.

Blade Materials: 120 Layer Twist Damascus Go-mai

Blade Length: 19"

Handle Materials: Mammoth Tooth Bolster, Black Palm with Walrus Jawbone Pommel Carved with Wolf Head Detailing and a leather wrap

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