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Barrett Knives

Pricing Guide


Trevor Barrett, Owner,




Custom Order Breakdown

Base Price

Barrett Knives produces a variety of blades and other forged products. Some examples include high-quality hunting knives, chef’s knives, heirloom swords, axes, hammers and even forged jewelry. Blade materials include various high carbon steels as well as Damascus steel, forged right here in my forge. Handle materials include various forms of Natural, Synthetic, and Hybrid materials.


Extra Features

Extra Features include Fullers, Jimping, Serrations, Engravings, Gut Hooks, Custom Damascus Patterns, Custom Finishes, and more.

Each feature will cause a rise in final price, depending on complexity and extent of features.



Please keep in mind that we do not require the 50% Deposit until we have agreed on all specifications and design elements, whereupon a final quote will be provided. As mentioned in the Barrett Knives Policy, once final amount has been agreed upon, Deposit is required to order materials for your order.


This guide is just that: a guide. No prices mentioned here are final, as each blade is unique and may require different techniques, and/or materials, in addition to various time requirements to finish piece.


Monosteel (High Carbon) Blades

Base Price:



Damascus (High Carbon) Blades

Base Price:



Monosteel Swords (Fully Functional)

Base Price:



Damascus Swords (Fully Functional)

Base Price:






By purchasing this, the buyer represents that he or she is of legal age and that the products ordered will be used in a lawful manner.

Barrett Knives claims no responsibility for any harm or injury from the use or handling of any product purchased.

It is the responsibility of the buyer, not the seller, to obey all applicable local, state, federal and international laws in regard to the possession, and or use, of any item purchased, as is it the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that your location allows shipment of blades.

We are unable to provide a refund if your package was confiscated by customs or other agencies. Consult your local and state laws before ordering if you are in doubt.



All sales are final. Barrett Knives requests a 50% deposit at time of order, and then the final payment before shipping.

(Free USA Shipping)

(International Shipping Calculated on Purchase)




If in the case a return is requested for whatever reason, please contact me at for a refund consideration. Each instance will be examined case by case.

Each piece made here at Barrett Knives are truly unique, custom, handmade pieces. This means they are sold “as-is”. If you would like more detailed pictures, please request and I will send them asap.





Please allow up to 1-3 months for delivery, as we live in an isolated community and the weather plays a huge part in the mailing system here. ​

Please ensure that the type/length/etc of the blade you are interested in is legal in your state/region. Different areas have different regulations, and we cannot accept responsibility for these differences.


Before purchase, Barrett Knives requires written agreement via email to acknowledge the above policies. Please include your legal name stating your agreement.

Barrett Knives

Haines, Alaska




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