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August Blade Highlight

Introducing a new series on the Barrett Knives' blog, the monthly blade highlights. Each month we will highlight one of the blades that are available and mention some of the specifics as to why I like it, what its made of, and more. Starting off for August, the Alaska Tundra Series 004.

The Alaska Tundra Series (004) is a truly unique blade, and I'm not just saying that because I'm the one who made it. It has a deep hollow grind with a thick spine, making it sharp but sturdy. The spine also features a faceted hammered finish for extra purchase while working, along with a deep fuller to lighten it. It makes it a pleasure to carry.

I am very pleased with this blade in particular, as it was among the first to be forged out as a part of the Alaska Tundra Series, a new series that I started to highlight the beauty and unique qualities of this beautiful land we call home.

Steel: 1095 High Carbon Handle: Buffalo Horn, Birchbark, Micarta, Wenge, Walrus Tusk

Blade Length: 6"

Overall Length: 12"

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