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Barrett Knives' New Endeavor: Northfire Forge

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Join the Barrett Knives Tribe! Blacksmithing is an ancient art, founded thousands of years ago. Then, it was a matter of making essential tools, but it quickly became a craft where art and function merged. Today, the fires of Smiths burn bright all over the world. Here at Barrett Knives, we are Launching Northfire Forge, a new endeavor to make learning this craft easy and accessible no matter where you are. My name is Trevor Barrett and I live here in Alaska with my family. We are super happy to welcome our first child into the world soon. Sadly, 2 years ago we suffered a devastating blow to our business when an electrical fault burned down our shop within 15 minuets. While it was a huge setback, we have received so much support from the community, both local and online. Now, years later, we have somewhat rebuilt. I currently work out of an old woodshed that isn't heated through winter. Plus, because its so small, we also operate the other half of the business out of a small 10x12 room in our house. The business wants to grow to include Northfire Forge, but we can't yet afford to move forward until we have enough to build a new shop to replace what we lost. It will take time, but we are always moving forward. TLDR: Northfire Forge will be a center for smithing and crafting. In the new shop, we will finally be able to give back to the community, both here in Alaska and online. We will host classes, demonstrations, and events where people can gather and smith together. We will make time slots available where you can come and work as an apprentice, observe the work, or even forge your own blade. Beyond smithing, you can also learn to use blades for a host of tasks, including survival training, field dressing game, carving, whittling, and culinary work. If you want to help us build, consider supporting our efforts by following and donating to Northfire Forge here on, sharing it with your friends and family, and commenting your ideas for the project below.

Either way, I thank you for visiting. I ask that you share this with as many people as you can so that we can reach our goal, build a new shop, and start giving back to the wonderful people that have supported us this far. Thank you from the whole Barrett Knives Tribe, Trevor and Larissa Barrett

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Jun 24, 2022

Hey! So is the gofundme not going to be the way forward? I got a refund for my dono there. Going to be doing things directly here?

Replying to

Go fund me got shut down, so donations are now made on the main page of


Skylinepath here, Trevor. Just testing my blog commenting.

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